Trinity Roofing Contractors wants to take a moment to make homeowners and business owners aware of the importance and your right to check your contractors credentials. Unfortunately, some contractors will operate without up to date insurance coverage. This leaves the homeowner/business owner at  serious risk for liability. It is your right to ask for a copy of the contractors liability policy. Don’t stop there! As a reasonable contractor he/she will not mind if you actually call his/her agent to make sure the policy is up to date, and covers the work they are proposing to do. If the contractor gets upset at the idea of you phoning the agent, then they are probably not the contractor for you. Sometimes contractors will photocopy and white out or replace significant dates and then show it to the homeowner as if it were valid.

Also, please be aware that any contract being signed for work to be done in or on the home or business is protected by Massachusetts law that says a three day right to rescission. Meaning a full 72 hour period, not including holidays or sundays, is your time to cancel or revoke any contract you may have signed for any reason. Any deposit must also be refunded in full. Thank You for taking a moment to review this information. As always, here at Trinity Roofing Contractors we believe that ” Quality is a habit, not an act “.