Trinity Roofing – For All Your Commercial Roofing Needs

No job is too big or too small for Trinity Roofing. As a fully insured and licensed roofing contractor we provide your business with all your roofing needs. Let the professionals at Trinity Roofing guide you through the process to help remedy any roofing situation. Whether it be just general maintenance or full roof replacement Trinity Roofing is here to provide you with the best solution to maintain and extend the life of your current roof and/or provide you with years of experience in choosing a replacement roof. All work carried out by our experienced work force meets and exceeds strict safety guidelines to provide you with exceptional roofing products and services. Initially our staff will conduct a complete and comprehensive inspection which, once carried out, will determine the appropriate course of action and remediation. We install Firestone and Versilo E.P.D.M systems (single ply synthetic rubber).

Services Provided

Full Roof Replacement
Trinity Roofing provides a complete and comprehensive inspection of your current roofing situation and will guide you to the solution to best suit your business .
Maintenance and Repairs
From general mainentance plans to one off services, Trinity Roofing is here to provide you with professional and prompt service .
Snow Removal
Recent storms have seen extreme amounts of snow falls which, especially for flat roofs, can cause numerous hazards and led to complete roof collapse. We at Trinity Roofing can provide you with quick and timely service to reduce the effect of excessive snow build up.

E.P.D.M Insulation Solutions

We install Firestone HailGard and Versilo insulation panels consisting of a polyiso foam core laminated to OSB on one side and a black glass reinforced mat facer on the other side. The synthetic rubber membrane, as a component of the EPDM Roofing System, offers enhanced resistance to hail damage and is very durable. E.P.D.M solutions offers excellent Thermal Performance and is suitable substrate over structural decks on low and steep slope roofing systems.

Old and New Construction

Whether you own an older building or new construction there are several different roofing solutions available to you on the market today. Let the professionals at Trinity Roofing help you decide on the best solution for you, and your business, needs. Detailed inspections are offered which will outline the work required for you situation.

Full Rubber Roof Replacement

Replacing your existing with our Synthetic Rubber has many advantages;

  • It is lightweight, durable, and inexpensive. It is also easy to maintain.
  • A rubber roof has superior insulating capabilities, and when combined with other
    insulators, can significantly lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Synthetic membranes also form the foundation for green roofing projects, in
    which garden blocks are configured on the flat surface to allow growing of
    various floras.