Well, we have had a tough winter haven’t we? Unfortunately there has been a ton of snow adding up, and the problem that is so commonly occurring is the build up on roofs. My goal, is to share with you proper snow and ice dam removal methods. If your going to attempt to do it yourself, please be careful! Try to avoid metal edged shovels at all costs, especially on rubber roofs! If you can, leave a base layer of snow, an inch or so, this way you will be avoiding contact with the roof. The last thing you want is a popped out shingle or a puncture in a rubber roof. Avoid all penetrations by at least five inches. If you decide to hire a contractor or anyone for that matter, please make sure they have liability insurance and workers comp.This way, you are not responsible for any damage or injuries. A true professional will be fine with proving he has these. Secondly, make sure these policies are up to date. If the contractor has shovels with metal edges, try someone else. That is one difference between a pro and an amateur. Some roof rakes will be made of metal but if properly used they are fine.

With ice dams the truth is that it’s all in the prevention. If a roof is properly ventilated at the eaves and the ridge ice dam build up will be less. If you have an attic and can access it, pull back the insulation twelve to sixteen inches at the eaves. This will help in the prevention of build up. Heating cables work but again they would have to be there beforehand. In future blogs I will get into ventilation a lot more. Thank you for reading this blog, and please, feel free to comment.